May 12

Showers Mold Removal For Eliminating Bathroom Health Hazards

Performing showers mold removal is a difficult task. The mold often clings tightly to showers, tiles, and similar areas. Eliminating mold requires a lot of effort since mold grows back persistently. Vacuuming or washing surfaces with soap and water does not work all the time. Instead, improper techniques of removing mold could backfire and lead to the spores being released into the air. The spores cause allergy, breathing problems, and can settle elsewhere to germinate, causing the moldread more

Apr 25

What Do Non-Porous Tile And Grout Cleaning Machines Do?

non-porous-tile-and-grout-cleaningThere is much to be said for the modern machinery for tile and grout cleaning. These types of machines are suitable for commercial use, since they feature high temperature and pressure. The effectiveness of these machines has made them a popular choice for domestic use as well.

Eliminates most stains

These machines offer what other tile and grout cleaning methods do not. The machines offer temperatures up to 356°F, which is the reason behind their effectiveness. Highread more

Feb 14

How A Vapor steamer Reduces Cleaning Costs?

Vapor steamer machinesA vapor steamer uses hot, dry steam to dissolve grime. Once grime becomes softer, it is easier to remove using a brush or microfiber towel. There are many reasons to invest in a high-end steam cleaning machine.

High temperature

These machines feature temperatures up to 369°F. The high temperatures are particularly useful in removing grease, sugars, and similar products. As a result, the machines are frequently used for the maintenance of commercial areas, including commercialread more

Sep 23

What Makes the Use of the Best Gum Removal Equipment Indispensable for Cleaning Professionals?

Best Gum Removal Equipment Indispensable

Quick and effective removal of gum deposits from surfaces demands high pressure levels and extremely high temperatures. This explains why top-selling gum removal equipment like the KleenJet® Mega 1000CVG from Daimer® ejects steam at super-hot temperatures of up to 356°F and at pressure levels as great as 105 PSI. Durability is another hallmark of the gum cleaner machine, thanks to its solid construction, high-grade housing, and stainless steel components.

For incomparable gum cleaningread more

Aug 19

Why Use a Professional Steam Cleaner For Cleaning Linoleum Floors?

Professional Steam Cleaner For Cleaning Linoleum Floor

First, a professional steam cleaner has temperatures as high as 369°F, which is a lot higher than low-end machines used in a domestic capacity. A professional steam cleaner has pressure level as high as 125 PSI. The machine uses dry vapor, containing only 5 percent moisture. This makes the machine successful in cleaning floors while using very little water.

Stainless steel boiler housing is another plus point in a professional steam cleaner. The machine is, therefore, more resistant toread more

Jul 26

Pressure Washers: The Perfect Choice for Dairy Processing Equipment Cleaning

Perfect Choice for Dairy Processing Equipment CleaningTo ensure that milk does not get contaminated during the processing stage, dairies have to adhere to exceptionally high standards of cleanliness. Now, this is easier said than done, due to the multiple instruments used in dairy farms for extracting, collecting, storing, and processing milk. For this reason, it is best to leave dairy processing equipment cleaning to pressure cleaners.

There are strict guidelines on the type of machines to be used for dairy processing equipment cleaning. Generally,read more

Jun 19

Info on Vapor Steamers and Hard Floor Cleaners

Removing stains, dirt, allergens like dust, grit and sand from floors in homes or offices is important for maintaining the beauty of the place and for proper hygiene. Tile and grout, vinyl, rubber, marble, stone, or any other floor, each needs to be cleaned differently. However, buying multiple machines for maintaining different floors in a house does not make any sense. Therefore, reputed suppliers like Daimer® offer a range of hard floor cleaning machines, like the XTreme Power® HSC 13000, thatread more

May 09

Steamers: Simplifying Chewing Gum Removal

Simplifying Chewing Gum Removal

The latest versions of chewing gum removal machines available from leading suppliers are ruggedly constructed with heavy-duty plastic housing capable of resisting chipping and damage by chemicals. These high-grade chewing gum removal systems also come with removable eating elements. This enables professionals involved in the gum removal business to simply replace the heating rods at minimal expense in case of heating issues instead of having to replace the entire boiler at huge costs.

Theread more

Apr 04

How to Select the Best Steam Cleaner For Complete Indoor Sanitization?

Best Steam Cleaner For Complete Indoor Sanitization

However, buyers should invest in only the best steamer systems in order to completely clean indoor areas. A few people know that high quality steam cleaning machines are also used for cleaning the mattresses, eliminating bedbugs and germs, and removing allergens from indoor areas. The type of machine you buy depends on the cleaning applications you usually handle. The best steam cleaner is also equipped with a chewing gum removal kit to eliminate gum wads.

In order to get the best results fromread more

Apr 02

How Professional Steam Cleaners Will Help You Maintain Windows?

Professional steam cleaners are designed with the aim of achieving multiple types of cleaning tasks. These machines are extremely versatile, as they can clean many types of surfaces, from tile to hardwood (sealed), and even spot clean mattresses. One of the advantages of using professional steam cleaning machines lies in the fact that they can help you clean windows as well. Window cleaning can be a difficult task, as glass is not very easily cleaned once it gets stained or covered inread more

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