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KleenJet Supreme 3000CVG

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The Daimer's KleenJet® Ultra 5000CV industrial steam cleaners offer the highest temperatures and pressure levels, with temperatures up to 369ºF and pressure levels adjustable to an incredible 125 psi.

  • Pressure up to - 125 psi
  • Steam Temperature up to - 369ºF
  • Continuous Refill - Yes
  • Boiler Volume - 5 liters
  • Water Chamber Capacity - 10 liters
  • Boiler Material - Stainless Steel
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Tackle Tough Chewing Gum Stains with Steam Cleaners

A steam cleaner is one of the few cleaning systems that can easily remove most chewing gum a variety of surfaces, ranging from upholstery and carpets to hard floors and walls. Schools, restaurants, cafeterias, bus seats, and train station are just a few of the many places where chewing gum residues are a nuisance. Pavements and driveways in many locations have black smudges to show where chewing gum has been. Unlike other conventional methods, a commercial steam cleaner can be used for complete chewing gum removal.

Unsightly and Unhygienic

For removing gum, steam cleaners offer a number of advantages. Many cleaning methods simply scrape off the gum, which still leaves many germs and bacteria. However, the best vapor steam cleaners offer anti-bacterial technology that can help eliminate germs and bacteria.

Speeding up the Process

A commercial steam cleaner is faster than other cleaning methods when it comes to chewing gum removal. Manually scraping gum off takes a lot of time; cleaning places with lots of chewing gum stains like schools can take days. Using other cleaning methods can be time consuming as well. Currently, here are a variety of steam cleaners that remove gum quickly and completely. Top grade machines from reputable suppliers can remove around 500 pieces of chewing gum in an hour. This is an effective way to clean large areas like municipal buildings, train stations, schools, and other locations in a short amount of time.

How Gum Removal Steam Cleaning Equipment Works

Using advanced steam cleaning machines is more effective because they clean the surface and extract the gum. These typically include four components: a gum removal solution and high steam temperatures that soften and dissolve even old, hardened gum residues; a brush that agitates and loosens gum; and an attached vacuum that extracts gum residues.

Steam cleaners with chewing gum removal technology are not only effective, they are the fastest and most effective way to remove chewing gum stains.
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