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Daimer KLEENJET ULTRA 5000CV Commercial Steam Cleaner

Daimer KleenJet Mega 500V Commercial Steam Cleaner

The KleenJet® Mega 500V is a unique commercial steam cleaner that can be used as a HEPA steam vacuum cleaner or independently as either a vapor steam cleaner. This machine is not designed to be a full carpet cleaner, but can be used for carpet spot/area cleaning.

  • Pressure up to - 75 psi
  • Steam Temperature up to - 310ºF
  • Heating Element - Removable rod
  • Boiler Volume - 4 liters
  • Vacuum Suction - 2200mm Water Column Lift
  • Boiler Material - Stainless Steel
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Use Commercial Steam Cleaners to Clean Restrooms

Cleaning restrooms can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. It involves scrubbing toilets, wiping counters, mopping floors, and sanitizing the entire area. The more traffic through the building, the harder it becomes to maintain high standards of restroom cleanliness. This is why you need the advanced cleaning capabilities of steam cleaners.

Advanced cleaning machines like anti-bacterial vapor steam cleaners are ideal for cleaning high traffic areas like restrooms. Vapor steam cleaners use a boiler to heat water and transform it into super-heated steam. This hot steam is then used to loosen stains, dirt, and grime on restroom counters, floors, and sinks.

The advanced steam cleaning technology included in new vapor steam cleaners allows the machines to generate consistently high temperature levels. Since the boiler is an important part of the steam cleaning machine, you must purchase quality steam cleaners with stainless steel boilers. Reputable suppliers usually offer a lifetime warranty on the boiler.

Although all the surfaces in a restroom may seem clean, they may still harbor germs. To maintain, clean, and disinfect surfaces, the restroom needs more standard scrubbing and mopping. Anti-bacterial vapor steam cleaners can clean toilets, bathroom fixtures, urinals, and floors faster and more thoroughly than brushes, mops, and cleaning chemicals.

Users of public restrooms are always anxious about cleanliness. Using steam cleaning machines will help not only help with deep cleaning surfaces, but systems equipped with germ-killing technology can also thoroughly disinfect and deodorizing surfaces as well. This sanitizing action is possible due to anti-bacterial technologies that eliminate up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and other disease-causing pathogens.

With the additional attachments and accessories included with quality steam cleaning equipment, you can access and clean nooks, corners, and hard-to-access spots in restrooms.

The best thing about industrial steam cleaning machines is that large amounts of toxic cleaning chemicals are often unnecessary. The harmful components in cleaning chemicals can pose a health risk to your cleaning staff. The residue left behind by these chemicals can also prove hazardous to restroom users. More importantly, heavy use of toxic chemicals can harm the environment. However, the high steam temperatures are powerful enough to handle a wide variety of restroom cleaning applications, with less use of toxic chemicals. To further enhance the power of vapor steam cleaners, consider combining these machines with non-toxic, biodegradable, and powerful green chemicals.
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