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Daimer KLEENJET ULTRA 5000CV Commercial Steam Cleaner

Daimer KLEENJET ULTRA 5000CVP Commercial Steam Cleaner

The KleenJet® Ultra 5000CVP - ATIS® is an anti-bacterial industrial steam vacuum cleaner featuring patent-pending ATIS® (Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization) technology. The 5000CVP is certified by a nationally recognized independent lab to kill disease-causing bacteria and pathogens using a patent-pending, anti-bacterial device in the boiler. These tests concluded a 99.999% kill rate against MRSA bacteria, drug resistant Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

  • Pressure up to - 125 psi
  • Steam Temperature up to - 369ºF
  • Heating Element - Removable rod
  • Boiler Volume - 5 liters
  • Water Chamber Capacity - 10 liters
  • Boiler Material - Stainless Steel
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HVAC Cleaning with Industrial Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners can be effective for cleaning and maintaining HVAC systems. This article discusses how to use industrial steam cleaners to reduce HVAC system down time, extend the life of critical components, trim maintenance costs.

The Importance of Maintenance

Before purchasing a steam cleaning machine, you need to understand why HVAC maintenance is so important. A dirty air conditioner is full of dust, germs, bacteria and mold spores. If there is too much moisture in the system, you will likely find rust spots and scaling on the coils. You may also find mildew. What makes this dangerous is that the air passes through these systems and is disseminated into office areas and other facilities. In some places, the HVAC system may provide the only form of ventilation. If that ventilation system is dirty, the air that people breathe will also be harmful and dirty.

A poorly maintained HVAC will break down sooner than a unit that is cleaned regularly. Rust, dust, mold, and scaling deposits will all take a toll on the components of an HVAC system. In addition, a dirty HVAC will require more power to run, which will increase energy costs. There are many reasons to keep an HVAC systems clean. Similarly, there are many reason to choose a steam cleaner systems to do the job.

The Power of Steam

Industrial steam cleaners are powerful cleaning machines that use super-heated water to loosen dirt and deposits. The high temperatures of commercial steam cleaners dissolvestubborn stains and hardened deposits. Unlike steam pressure washers that rely on highly pressurized water to blast dirt away, a steam cleaning machine melts the dirt off. Moreover, the steam cleaning systems will not harm delicate heating and air conditioning coils, while steam pressure washers with high pressure levels and flow rates may.

Expanding the Power of Steam Cleaners

While the power of steam is often enough to handle a variety of HVAC cleaning applications, steam cleaning can be enhanced with green chemicals. Green coil cleaner chemicals are available. These formulas offer a non-toxic, biodegradable, plant-based alternative to the harmful solutions widely available. They aid in coil maintenance of air conditioning systems, heaters, chillers, and humidifiers. Not only do green coil cleaners remove dirt and other residues, they prevent the re-deposition of these dirt molecules once removed.

By using steam cleaning equipment for HVAC systems, you can be assured that your customers and employees are breathing in healthy air and that the system will continue to run efficiently for years to come.

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